Making digital & mobile totally useful
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In essence

We are in digital & mobile ventures, consulting and project management. Small overhead yet big footprint in regional e-commerce, mobile and going from off-line to on-line.

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The Doc3ne

This is what we live by

#1 - No BS

We give you no newspeak nor marketing clutter. We don't confuse, oversell, obfuscate and frighten clients and partners. We like to keep them happy and in-the-know.

#2 - Common sense

Go digital where it makes sense. Stick to the olden ways where it doesn't. Don't push it, use common sense just everywhere.

#3 - Right tools for the job

Admittedly we are technology junkies and love to use the latest available. Still we prefer to use the most suitable one over the latest one.

Digital & mobile strategies

Traditional businesses feel they need to embrace the digital, the pressure being either self-driven or external. In 9 out of 10 cases they lack the expertise to be able to understand the real needs, formulate the goals, define objectives and manage the execution.

We are your independent facilitator and can make this happen using the efficient common-sense approach

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Ventures & Investments

Looking for investment opportunities and always willing to help sensible startups

Involved in several finished and few ongoing venture projects & always very open to talk about new investment and cooperation opportunities. We can help with financing, coaching and networking your project. Don't hesitate.

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